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May 19 2015



school doesnt even test your intelligence it tests your memory

it tests my patience

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Aoi Shouta teaching the viewers choreography!
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Delete this of the Internet

I showed this to my boyfriend, and he said, “well sin pi is equal to zero. So senpai doesn’t notice you.”

I laughed way more than I should have

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what if the sound of the instruments you’re playing is them crying because you’re hurting them

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Ichinomiya Eruna ★

Sadness expressions of the Zodiac Signs


Aries : Rage, impulsivity and failure to get worked up about the things they normally do, oppositional but with less verve and energy

Taurus : Isolation, binge eating and lethargy, a sense of ‘me against the world’, less patience, easier to enrage

Gemini : Silence, nerves, over thinking, easily distractible and seems ‘elsewhere’; they are fairly intolerable to sadness they tend to detach/dissociate from feelings after a short while

Cancer : Teariness, neediness, isolation, binge eating, crying after insignificant events, stomach aches, a feeling of separation from everyone around them

Leo : Obvious displays of stress, they become like a wound up string and as if they are on the brink of a nervous break down. Short tempered and needy (only around close friends/family) and become martyred

Virgo: Isolation, heightened compulsions (cleaning, washing hands more etc;), unresponsive in conversations, at time blunt and more oppositional

Libra : General feeling of instability/moodiness, reduced urge to socialize/be with friends, hopelessness, a feeling of being disliked/rejected by everyone, you can sense them ‘trying’ to be happy and keep composed

Scorpio : Isolation, opposition, hostility and violent mood swings. Intense melancholy with at times delusions and paranoia. Thoughts even scary to them, a sense of ‘me against the world’.

Sagittarius : Lethargy, escapism (substance use etc;), uncharacteristically more serious and tense, less tolerance, feelings of worry when thinking into the future

Capricorn : Demotivation, lethargy, hopelessness, over thinking, they seem tense and ‘overly alert’, hyper vigilant, force themselves to ‘go through the motions’, nothing impresses them

Aquarius : Uneasy, harder to ‘reach’; as if they are far away. Silence, isolation, detachment, even though they try to appear happy. Distracted

Pisces : Teariness, anxiety, isolation, when they feel sadness they tend to feel ‘all at once’, nerves, obsessive/ruminating thinking, remembering everything bad that ever happened to them, crying over insignificant events


[sees pic of fav musician] oh my god i’m [takes deep breath] [dinosaur noises]


a shout out to all the people who started saying “same” as a joke once in awhile but now use it for the most random things like a car honking their horn at another car

things the zodiac signs remind me of

aries: paint on your fingers, dirty converse, messy rooms, the feeling of getting a new record, loud music in cars, lying on floors, the stress of forgetting something until the last minute

taurus: leather jackets, coffee candies, white vans, making cookies late at night, matte nail polish, not responding to texts, falling asleep on your bed in the middle of a cold day

gemini: sunlight shining in through windows, frozen yogurt, new clothes, harsh words, blue rooms, needing to have a say in things, endless conversations, hot chocolate

cancer: sweet perfume, light pink dogwood trees, cozy sweatshirts, long hugs, spring nights, crying alone in bathrooms, tiled kitchen floors, listening to music while it’s raining

leo: yellow watering cans, bonfires at night, pale skin, the feeling of belonging, looking in the mirror, endless playlists, cute outfits, laughing, wind in hair, writing in journals

virgo: stacks of books, cute plants, future plans, swimming in the morning, the feeling when you know something is out of place, clean carpets, deep breaths in cold air

libra: long hair, cold shower, fresh fruit on a summer day, letting all of your opinions be known, fooling around in public with your best friends, thrift shops, open windows

scorpio: dark movie theaters, all black converse, unfinished conversations, navy flannels, sexual jokes, chipped nails, not letting people in, bare feet on cool/wet grass

sagittarius: running on a cold night, looking up at the stars, watching the world from a window of an airplane, sitting in cafes, making decisions and assuming they don’t have consequences

capricorn: straight hair, the feeling after a post-concert shower, dark nail polish. puppies&kittens, organized lockers, letting your friends determine who you are

aquarius: illegal drugs, empty houses, dreams that swallow up your tiny town, big cities, accepting failure, being withdrawn, concert lights, looking up at the clouds, sarcasm

pisces: overcrowded rooms, never having plans/doing things on a whim, being loved by everyone, the feeling when you know someone isn’t listening, music while walking on sidewalks


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

There is a terrible emptiness in me, an indifference that hurts.
— Albert Camus, The First Man (via rabbitinthemoon)


I wonder how many collective years humanity has already spent plugging in a USB the wrong way



do you ever talk to yourself but in your second language

All the time

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responsibilities i wanted as a child:

  • deciding my own bed time
  • deciding whether or not i’m well enough to go to school 

responsibilities i can’t handle as an adult 

  • deciding my own bed time
  • deciding whether or not i’m well enough to go to school/work
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